Inclouded helps
teams developing telemedicine
and smart city app succeed

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Build smart city and temedicine apps fast without significant backend coding

Inclouded gives you tuneable backend functionality and methodolgy to implement serveless telemedicine and smart city focused applications.

Medical device ready code basis and methodology

The components libraries are developed based on ISO 13485 standard. The domain models are also based on standards (FHIR, TMForum)

One platform which contains the whole valuechain

ISO 13485 conform development methodolgy, documentation. Already integrated sensors, custom HW/FW and buildchain for specific domains. CI/CD based infarstructure. Domain specific signal processing AI alogorithms. Custom Angular/Ionic libraries.

Comprehesive telemedicine and smarty city
application development platform

Platform independent
Ionic based PWA development environment
Workflow based backend

BPEL, CMMN, DMN based business logic

OpenAPI based interfaces

Standard interfaces for custom domains (Smart City, Telemedicine)

Public cloud backend

Firebase service portfolio

Cloud independent

Custom SDK for hiding the actual cloud backend

Private cloud solutions

Infrastucture as code based ready to use backend variations

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Standard based design and development
FHIR conform domain model in telemedince, TMForum conform service layer
Agile development methodology tailer to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 13485

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Ready to use HW/SW/FW/AI components
Custom open HW solutions

For different domains ready to use HW/FW solution

Ready to use full fedged apps
Sophisticated component library for telemedicine and smart city
Proven AI/Signal processing solutions

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Overcome complex

Inclouded can help you tackle demanding challenges covering the whole value chain.
The tools, components, HW/SW/AI solutions work together so that telemedicina and smart city
developer teams can improve development performance.

Workflow based backend logic

You can show the business logic for end users, they can understand what will happen.

Cloud based backend

Private or public cloud with HA and CI/CD capability. You can concertate on app development.

CI/CD environment

Complete methodolgy tailored to fulifll the ISO13485 requirements and remain highly agile.